Do you believe in Fate?

Call it Karma. Call it Fate.  Yesterday I stopped at Popeye’s fast food and went through their drive-through. I called it fast food for lack of a better description, since generically that’s what these type of places are called.

It was anything but fast. Dreadfully slow, painfully so. I spent 45 minutes on-line. I know this because I texted my wife shortly after I got there, so I know what time that text was sent. I waited. And I waited. There were several cars in front of me. Once car in front gave up after 15 minutes and pulled away, as did 2 vehicles behind me.

A few years ago I would have been livid, angry and upset. Not so much anymore. No, I haven’t had a sudden gift of patience. I have an iPhone. Could have been any type of smartphone, the brand doesn’t really matter for this story.

Instead of seething with anger, I spent my time online, checking out things on the internet, catching up on the news, reading a few articles, things like that.

When I got to the window, the girl took my money and then asked me to pull up to the “green fence”. The green fence is where they banish you while they get your order together, or whatever it is they do inside the little concrete building. I suspect it has very little to do with cooking or order prep, because it took another 20 minutes of waiting in the foreboding green zone to deliver my food.

When she finally came out I just gave her a blank casual stare, pretty much the same as the cold expressionless face she presented to me. I said nothing, didn’t yell, didn’t make any snide comments, didn’t even ask what took so long. This is where Karma comes in to play.

I suspect I built up some good Karma by not being upset with the poor employee. While waiting inline I received a phone call. It was my wife, who informed me that she heard a loud crash, and the dogs were barking like crazy.

She then told me she looked outside and saw a large tree limb right where I park my [less than 1 year old] Jeep. If it had not been for the delay at Popeyes, my vehicle, or worse, myself, would  have been clobbered.

So I figure that giving people who have had a bad day a break and not being mean to them, even though I secretly think they deserved it, earned my some good Karma, and I wasn’t clobbered by this….

Limb that almost clobbered me.

Limb that almost clobbered me.

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