Feds to regulate backyard BBQ grills


The federal Government wants to regulate our backyard BBQ’s. Their proposals would force the addition of corrugated drip trays, a filtration system complete with fan blades, and a catalytic treatment system to backyard BBQ grills.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), intends to reduce pollution from residential BBQ pits. They have funded a Grant to the University of California to perform research and develop technology to “reduce fine particulate emissions residential barbecues”. The EPA, as cited in Grant number SU835698 it is “intended to reduce air pollution” and “health hazards” with “potential for global application.”

Does anyone else out there find this as absurd as I do? They’ve taken away our cheap light bulbs, limited our ability to take a decent shower with their water restrictors, closed or restricted access to national resources and now they want to tinker with our gas grills and BBQ pits. Is nothing sacred? Next they’ll be proposing that we refrain from mowing our grass with power mowers. Ohh wait, they’ve already done that.

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